Hail Damage and your Roof

Commercial and residential roofs around Arkansas frequently will be tested thanks to hail from storms around our state. In this post we will discuss the how hail compromises roof performance and examine damage on residential and commercial roofing systems.

Commercial Roofing Damage

Hail damage on a commercial roof varies by material, but for most the end result is a compromised roof system. Mod-bit and built up roofs sustain impact damage that cracks the material making it immediately susceptible to leaks and further damage. Metal roofs are coated with a layer of protectant that inhibits rust and deterioration. While hail hits don’t instantly cause leaks, they do crack these coatings and expose the raw metal, promoting rust and accelerated weathering. Hail strikes affect single-ply roofs differently depending on the material. TPO and EPDM have superior puncture resistance to hail, even warrantied to withstand some events, but PVC doesn’t share the same qualities. As the membrane ages it hardens, which promotes cracks and punctures as a result of hail. It is important to carefully examine commercial roofs after hail storms since the damage can be hard to detect and is only covered by insurance within a time frame of the occurrence.

Residential Roofing Damage

Shingle roofs provide the most immediately noticeable signs of hail damage and are the most common material we install for residential roofs. The impacts cause shingles to lose granules and leave behind dark gouges. Shingle granules provide UV shielding for the asphalt below, the granulation loss causes premature aging to the newly exposed asphalt. Over time this exposure will compromise the performance life of the shingle. In a serious storm, large hail hits can provide immediate performance issues. Heavy damage will have granulation loss, but is identified by lifting and examining the backside of a shingle for penetrations and/or fractures.

No matter what type of roof you have over your head, It is important to carefully examine its condition after hail storms since the damage can be hard to detect and is only covered by insurance within a limited time frame of the occurrence. If you are concerned about new leaks, or just want to have you roof checked out, fill out our online free estimate form or call us today at 501-562-7777.